So long, farewell...

So long, farewell…(I’ll let you sing the rest)

With a grateful heart, I’ve decided to end my Bad Day Box chapter with the intent of closing at the end of the year.

This adventure has been one of my greatest loves and has shown me the value of vulnerability, the importance of showing up, and just how much I am capable of achieving. I would’ve never thought my heartache would lead me to this chapter but I’m thankful it did.

A sincere thank you for unwavering support over the last couple of years. I will never forget how you made me feel. If this is the one thing I’ll be known for, I would be content.

This is your last chance to send empathy to someone’s doorstep and shop small (and use code BDB60 to get 60% off your order). It’s a perfect time to stock up for gifts for rainy days or the upcoming holidays. Feel free to share so I can clear out my shelves! All sales final.

Thank you for joining me in turning bad days into good days, together.

Big hugs,

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