Get cozy it's National Napping Day 😴

Happy National Napping Day! We aren't above a quick nap and honestly if you try hard enough, every day is a good day to nap.

Spain figured it out with a midday siesta. Napping has been shown to have numerous benefits, from restoring energy levels and alertness to improving memory and creativity. It’s also a great way to reset your mind and body.

Anyone in your life feeling stressed and exhausted? Give them (or yourself) the gift of relaxation with a Hygge Box. Not only will you get a ultra-cozy personal fleece throw blanket, but using it to take a nap can help you reset your mind and body and give you the energy and alertness you need to tackle the week.

Hygge includes a cozy personal fleece throw blanket, perfect for curling up and taking a midday nap, we won't tell.

Don’t miss this opportunity to give the gift of rest—order a Hygge Box today! Happy Napping!

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