Let's Talk About Caregivers

Do you have any caregivers in your life? 

Many of us know someone who is caring for an aging loved one, someone who is navigating hospice, a surgery recovery, or very new normal.

Sometimes showing up for loved ones who need care means:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Financial burden
  • A change in schedule
  • The pressure to make up for limited time 
  • Dreading the future
Assisting with more complex tasks such as medical care or legal care the more mundane such as meals or transportation can add up quickly for a caregiver. Showing up for caregivers matters too. No matter how big or small.
And while a hug and listening can go a long way, sometimes it's not very easy based on location or time.
That's why Bad Day Box exists, to help with moments like this. Show up for your loved ones who really need you to advocate their self-care. 


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