Gifts for Him - Mens Health Month & Ted Lasso

Is everyone watching Ted Lasso? That is $4.99 well spent for AppleTV. So many people told me to watch this show and couldn't really articulate why it's so good.

I'm not a soccer, enthusiast but this show is pure and simple, in a way that Schitts Creek was for us in 2020. The writing weaves in subtle pop culture quips that you can't help but appreciate. Ted is unapologetically genuine. His altruism, to a fault- is reminiscent of Leslie Knope in Parks & Recreation. Ted lives with intent. He is accountable, so you're always rooting for him. He makes mistakes but does not let these mistakes shadow his fervor for life. But what his character extols is vulnerability and an openness to learn.


This show normalizes mental health, especially for men. It portrays men in ways they often go unseen. You get a glimpse into how one can overcome a set back in their performance as an athlete, men airing their grievances with other men, men unpacking their childhood trauma with a therapist, and how a panic attack can really be invisible to most people without someone making a big deal out of it.

Since it's November and Mens Health Month, here are a few ideas to consider gifting during this time of year. It's never too late to let someone know you're thinking about them, Ted would agree.





Just one more thing... 

Check in with the men in your life. He didn't get flowers for his wife's miscarriage but carries the same pain. He did not receive the offer on a job that would make life more comfortable for his family. He lost a friend and really misses them this holiday season. He thought she was the one, but she didn't see her future with him. He is anxious to drive his car after an accident. He just found out his parent has cancer.


Life is fragile, let's show up the same way for men.





P.S. Should I consider a Ted Lasso box?

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