Crowdfunding & Custom Packaging Update!

Can we discuss our branding journey? We’ve come a long way from gifting beta boxes to our friends in summer of 2019…

Original Bad Day Box Packaging, Beta Mode

To finally getting some packaging tape…

First Bad Day Box Packaging Tape Design

To upgrading the packaging tape…

Second Bad Day Box Packaging Tape Design

To crowdfunding enough money to order printed Bad Day Box packaging!

Crowdfunding campaign graphic

I know the importance of branding and maintaining its integrity. Once crowdfunding was completed in April, we started to explore the custom design.


First I had to select a vendor, this required a couple different quote requests. Unfortunately, a lot of vendors require a minimum so this really narrowed down my choices for the time being. I was able to find a vendor who didn’t require a minimum, printed domestically, provided timely samples and sustainably sourced materials.

I really thought I wanted kraft brown boxes but after receiving a sample, you can see the Bad Day Box yellow just wasn’t going to work. Color matching can vary per vendor and their printing process. We decided we needed to explore using a white base for packaging.

Kraft brown Bad Day Box custom design sample
Color sampling on kraft brown Bad Day Box custom design sample
Comparing color swatches

We did the same sample test on white and used the inside of the box to test three different variations of the Bad Day Box yellow to see which one of those closely matched the rest of my marketing materials. These samples looked so much better than the kraft brown! We finalized the final art and ordered!

Custom Bad Day Box sample on white
Comparing custom packaging sample on white to other printed designs
Final design file for custom Bad Day Box packaging

This would not be possible without your crowdfunding support. A thousand times, thank you! I am so excited for these to start showing up on people’s doorsteps and turning some bad days into good days together! 

Various Bad Day Box custom design iterations.

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