Care package delivered to door step

Happy International Women's Day!

When we support women everyone wins. I launched the Bad Day Box crowdfunding campaign today for such an empowering occasion! 

The crowdfunding campaign will be 30 days.

Woman promoting Bad Day Box and iFundWomen logo

In the spirit of women, the campaign is hosted through iFundWomen - an organization who provides resources like a crowdfunding platform, coaching, and other tools for women to succeed. We can all get behind that!

The funding of this campaign will allow for a better branding and customer experience as well as robust product offering. This means custom designed packaging such as boxes, tissue paper and use of sustainable materials. It also means supporting other small businesses by including them in Bad Day Boxes.

But ultimately, your funding helps turn a bad day into a good day for someone!

Support in the ways you can! If you can't make a donation, please share the link.

With gratitude,