New Chapter for Bad Day Box!

For those of you who remember, I was supposed to launch a Kickstarter in March. This was going to allow me to brand and package in a very thoughtful and intentional way. It was also going to allow me to not run a warehouse out of my bedroom.

COVID-19 changed all of that. It became evident as the weeks passed and I continued to keep up the good fight with this business that it was no longer sustainable for me to keep working out of my bedroom, for both my jobs! I had zero separation between work and rest and it was really taking a toll on me.

But I think it also meant that I was ready for a new chapter in life, in many ways I had made a lot of healing progress and was not as incredibly sad as this time last year. Before I knew it, I was taking the tax return I would typically use to travel and put a deposit on my own space again- it felt so good. If you remember a post on my personal Instagram, all of my Bad Day Box work often ended up on my bed so it's nice to take that work out of my bedroom, even if it is on the living room floor for now!

Because of the move and all the furniture building, I have not been able to put the time and energy towards Bad Day Box that I'd like and I'm trying incredibly hard to not be so hard on myself.

While I have sold all my original inventory (yay!)- I have not made a dent in the inventory I have for the three new boxes on the website.

The world is slowly starting to open up in different ways but unfortunately that doesn't stop bad days from happening. I have been tipping my delivery guys and they have been so grateful. As you start to go to parks, beaches and restaurants don't forget about the hard work and sacrifice it is taking those businesses to salvage what they can. They could use something nice when the world feels stressful.

I've included links below if you're able to buy. If you aren't able to buy at this time, please help spread the word. While creativity is in my wheelhouse, an endless advertising and marketing budget currently is not. This business continues to run on my own dollars so please know, I truly appreciate any support you can give me.


Frontline Gratitude Box


Stay at Home Box


Stay at Home Family Edition 


Hope there is sunshine in your future,


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