Beta Box Sale on Instagram Stories!

For those of you who attended the Launch Party way back in December, you got a sneak peek of the types of other boxes I'd love to sell! I will be offering these for sale and the details on how to purchase are below. 

  • Follow on @baddayboxco on Instagram (link to our handle is in the footer)
  • Tune in Tuesday, April 21 at 6pm PST
  • DM to purchase, first come first serve as I only have one of each
  • Upon receiving your DM, please provide your:
    • Venmo handle
    • Phone number
    • Email
    • Recipient shipping address
    • Personal message
  • Venmo request will be sent that will include sales tax and shipping
  • Once Venmo request is completed, the box will be marked as SOLD on Instagram stories
  • Receipt will be emailed to the address provided
  • Boxes will be shipped USPS Priority Mail in USPS boxes
  • Any themed boxes that are still available will be featured in the highlights until they are sold
A couple more things...

I am placing orders for Stay at Home/Quarantine themed boxes to keep you sane as well as some Front Line Gratitude themed boxes to gift to all the superheroes out there. Those will go on the website once they are ready but I'll be sure to send out a communication and make an announcement on social media so I can catch you.

Lastly, be on the lookout for some fun front line giveaways on Instagram featuring San Diego small businesses.

It took me a while to shake off my emotions around the loss of my crowdfunding efforts but I remembered what I set out to do with this brand and how much it could help in a time like this. So here I am, showing up. Thank you again for the love and support.

Cheers to turning bad days into good days, together!

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